Repair Office Documents

  • Highly advanced document repair software specially designed for repairing .doc and .docx files
  • Critically important corrupted or damaged Word files are repaired
  • User-friendly tool to repair damaged Microsoft Office Word doc file on Win 7, XP and Vista
  • Repairs the office document file without affecting the original one
  • Option to preview the repaired Word document after the repair procedure



Wants to fix corrupted Word documents?

Have you become frustrated of searching well build software for repairing your expensive office files? Are questions like, how to repair Office 2010 docx file, troubling you? Do not worry anymore! There is a advanced software, which will give you a complete corruption free Word document. Moreover, the repair process is not at all time taking. Repair Office Documents software supports all major MS Word editions. It does the repair process in some unique way without causing any further damage to your corrupted Word file.

Causes of Corruption in Office Document Files

Corruption of Word files cannot be stopped. However, if you are aware of the causes, you can reduce the chances of damage in Word files.

Macro viruses are the main cause of document file corruption. At the time of downloading any document file, you are unknowingly inviting these Macro viruses and they cause corruption in the Word files. These viruses will not allow you to open or save any document file. Sometimes, it will ask for a password for some specific files, which you even don’t know. Error like, ’WAZZU’ are visible in your document instead of the text and other content. Even internet server will not allow you to send any mail consisting of this virus infected Word file.

Improper shut down of your system can be another cause of Word file corruption. During the shutdown process, normally computer closes all the open files and folders. If computer is not simply turned off or got crash, it will cause damage to those open document files.

Round tripping process is also responsible for corruption of Word files. If we change our file format very repeatedly, it can cause round tripping. Most of us even don’t know round tripping, but most of us experience the same problem.

External memory devices somehow cause corruption to office documents. If any problem occurs at the time of accessing, saving or storing process of any document file from external memory drives to your computer or vice versa then it results in corruption of that particular Word file. Moreover, disruptive file transfer process causes document file damage.

Cause can be so many for file corruption or damage, but the solution should be in your hand always. And here Repair Office Documents software is the best solution. It is programmed to repair corrupt .doc and .docx files. The software with its expert algorithms fix MS Office 2007 document in just few minutes. Moreover, it supports Microsoft Word 2000, 2003, & 2010 versions also. After repairing any Word document, it will let you preview the repaired files. Then you can select destination folder for saving those repaired files. And above all, this product is malware, spyware and virus free, therefore, it doesn’t cause any harm to your system.

Product Features

Repair Office Documents tool is a one-stop solution to all the corrupted or damaged Word files. If your files are corrupted and there is no backup available for those document files, then no need to panic anymore. Just go through this product, if you want to get back all files as they were before corruption. This software is the best solution to fix corrupt 2003 Word doc on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

During the repairing process, it will do some scanning process and creates a new Word file without causing any further damage to the original damaged file. So no need to scare regarding the corrupted file. Moreover, it has an option to preview the repaired files before saving them to any destination storage location.

Recent Updates:

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Steps to repair corrupted office documents

1: After installing, launch the software and select your corrupted .doc or .docx file.

Repair Office Documents - Welcome Window

2: Start the repair process of the damaged office document file.

Repair Office Documents - Start Repair

3: Evaluate the recovery results in the preview browser once scanning is over. If you are satisfied with the results, you can purchase the software to save the repaired Word document.

Once you are done with the repair process of damaged file, you are able to experience the recovery for all document files. This repair tool will allow you to obtain access to the contents of corrupted Word documents. In case of preventing the document file corruption in future; you should take some steps, like proper shutdown of computer or regular checking of your hard drive or updating your antivirus.