Mend PPTX File

PowerPoint is the Powerful project presentation medium from Microsoft, which comes with lot of business solution features from presenting a beautiful graphics to datasheets. Most of the business presentations relied on Microsoft PowerPoint since it is a very comprehensive and easy to use interface nature and pack up with bunch of features that can be present in a cinematic way.

There are approximately 300+ Million PowerPoint users across the world. 1/10th of them making regular presentations, in this critical business scenario PowerPoint became a necessary communication media to collaborate with their associates. After building up a great presentation, you might be a victim of corruption to your PowerPoint file that can make your life hell. There are several reasons for file corruption, some of those are listed below are the common scenarios,

  • "Your file is corrupt and cannot be opened" is most sought error in PowerPoint presentation. This happen due to any fonts, graphics or any other media which are added externally may be corrupted, this can be replaced manually and most of the cases it is difficult to carry out the exact procedure for recovery.
  • Mismatch in versions; when you upgrade your Windows PowerPoint software to latest version, there may be a chance of compatible issue. Where you are unable to access your mighty old PowerPoint file. However, one can simply tap here to repair broken PowerPoint presentation file and extract its contents including text, animation, images, etc.
  • Sometime files show "File format not recognizable." This is also a compatibility issue, when you upgrade from lower version to higher version, some file extensions may not be recognizable.

Mending a corrupted PowerPoint file can be tedious during time constraint, Office document repair software does it all for you with few clicks away from recovery, built in with powerful features which gives a healthy file in matters of minutes when you do not have enough time.

The salient features of PowerPoint Repair tool are,

  • Helps users to mend PPTX file for latest versions of Windows XP/Vista/7/8 OS.
  • Support for .ppt/.pptx/.pps presentation file extension.
  • Preview facility gives you the clear view after mending the file.
  • One of the versions of this software can be used to

    Note: Wiith the help of this software, its possible to fix file permission errors in Word document file formats like .doc and .docx on latest versions of MS Word 2007, 2003, 2000, etc. For more updated information, simply click here

    Steps to Mend PPTX File are:

    Step 1:Download the software to mend PPTX and Install on your Windows system, after completion of the process. Launch the application. Browse corrupted PPTX file to repair. Select the appropriate file to repair, then select "Repair", the below figure will be displayed as shown in Fig A.

    Mend PPTX File - Select Corrupt PowerPoint File

    Fig A: Select Corrupt PowerPoint File.

    Step 2: Once the file repairing process is over, you are able to see the "Preview" of the PPTX file, as shown in the fig B.

    Mend PPTX File - Preview Repaired PowerPoint File

    Fig B: Preview Repaired PowerPoint File

    Step 3: Finally, select destination location and press "Save" to save the repaired PowerPoint file as shown in Fig-C. After the process if you are satisfied with the product, you have to purchase license to recover complete PowerPoint file.

    Mend PPTX File - Save PowerPoint File

    Fig C: Save PowerPoint File