PowerPoint Can't Read PPT File

How to Read Inaccessible PowerPoint File?

A PowerPoint file plays a vital role in different business organization, educational institutes to present our information more understandable. To make our presentation more informative and attractive, Microsoft Office PowerPoint is most efficient and well known to users also. It can include images, tables, clip art, hyperlink, background, graph etc to make your PPT file effective. However, this utility can make you disappointed if you cannot open PPT file after a hard work. PowerPoint can’t read PPT file when it gets damaged or corrupted in any reason. If you end up with such annoying situation regarding your important document, you can only resolve it using this prominent Repair Office Documents software. This application is rigorously developed to repair and open corrupt PowerPoint file which is unreadable or refuses to open, after getting various types of errors while you are trying to access it.

As you can include different types of information to your PPT file, its structure is much complex and get damaged very easily due to several reasons. Next to corruption if attempt to read that file through PowerPoint application you may get such types of errors:

  • “There was an error accessing the file xxxx.pptx”
  • “Unable to read the file”
  • “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened" and so many.

There are plenty of reasons for which Office PowerPoint can't read PPT file. If you investigate important and frequently occurring instances of PPT corruption, you can realize that header corruption is very common reason. Header of this file may be corrupted due to abrupt termination of PowerPoint application and virus infection. After that, this Repair Office Documents utility will be very useful if PowerPoint can't read PPT file.

Besides that, improper downloading, round tripping, CRC error are also equally responsible to make PowerPoint file unreadable. When you are downloading your important PPT data from internet in an interrupted way or if you change PPT file format to other (PPTX, PPS etc) and then convert it back to PPT repeatedly, it may be damaged. Then, PowerPoint can’t read PPT file any more. You will get similar result after occurrence of CRC error. But, no need to worry, use this repair program to make your corrupted PPT file readable with ease. If you suffer from PPTX file corruption, you can follow this link to mend it: https://www.repairofficedocuments.com/mend-pptx-file.html

Irrespective of these above mentioned reasons, you can employ Repair Office Documents tool if PowerPoint can't read PPT file. It is expertised to fix corrupted PPS, PPT, PPTX data in almost all situations. It is applicable to open inaccessible PowerPoint information in all major versions of Windows operating system including XP, Vista, 7 etc. Not only PPT repair, you can also be able to repair corrupted Word documents using this repair application. it supports all major versions of MS office to fix inaccessible Word (DOC, DOCX etc) and PPT file after any types of corruption. You may visit this link to know the simple steps to repair DOCX file on MS Office 2010: https://www.repairofficedocuments.com/how-to-repair-office-2010-docx-file.html. The unique feature of this repair tool is that it cannt hamper original content of the corrupted document and use a copy of that damaged file to recover all information from it successfully. Moreover, it is designed with simple user interface so that naïve user can carry out the repair process easily when PowerPoint can't read PPT file in any instant.

Steps to Repair Unreadable PowerPoint File:

Step 1: Download & install PPT repair repair application on your system and launch it. Then "Browse" your unreadable PowerPoint file to start repair operation.

PowerPoint Can't Read PPT File - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: As soon as your PPT file is repaired, you can preview it by clicking on "Preview File" option as shown in fig 2.

Repair PowerPoint Document - Preview Repaired PPT Document

Fig 2: Preview Repaired PPT File